Bridal Shower

July 21, 2002
Location: Sara's House
Hosted By: Jamie, Sara, & Jewel

Invitations hand made by Jamie
It was "Labor of Love"

Look at all this yummy food!

Here is a friend of the family Lynn
Grandma Olney
Grandma Frodsham
& Aunt Lorraine working the video camera.

Now we are feeding our faces :)
Sitting on the couch next to me are my freinds Dorothy & Kathy.

Hi Jamie! My Sister & Maid of Honor :)
She is having us play games.... that was fun!

Hehehe There is the front of Dorothy & Kathy... and my other friend Kathy! :)

Oh, I'm opening a gift from my Grandpa Rich...... he made this for us.
Grandpa passed away 10/8/02.
Right behind me is my Aunt Debbie, and behind the couch are Jewel & Sara.

This bride teddy bear is from my Mommy...
I was showing everyone her cute little panties & garter!

Here is my rehearsal bouquet that Jamie made from me from all the
ribbons off of the gifts. I think if I understand how things work if
you break a ribbon, we are gonna have twins.(just kidding Shane)

And here is the yummy cake! So cute... Sara decorated it...
and *note: Sara spelled my name right,
WITH an "E" but Costco messed it up! :)

Just gettig ready to dig in! Oh look at my corsage... my Aunt Debbie made it.

And another close up on the rehearsal bouquet.


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